On the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the day of great joy for all Christians, I wish the citizens of Serbia and people across the world who celebrate Christmas by the Gregorian calendar the very best wishes from my family and myself. May everyone enjoy peace, love and happiness.
My family joins me in wishing all of you a peaceful and Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2011.
Peace on Earth and goodwill for all!
Christ is born!
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

24 May 2010
On 23 May 2010, when the Saint Orthodox Church celebrates the Holy Trinity Day, in Madrid at the age of 95 the Dowager Grand Duchess Leonida Georgievna died. The Dowager Grand Duchess was born in Tiflis (current capital of Georgia Tbilisi) on 6 October 1914 in the family of prince Georgiy Bagration of Mukhrani and his wife Polish noblewoman Helena Novina-Zlotnicka. On 13 August 1948 in Lausanne (Switzerland) she was married to the Head of the Russian Imperial House Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich. They were living together not leaving each other even for a day for 43 years before the death of Grand Duke in 1992.
Grand Duchess Leonida left two daughters: Head of the Russian Imperial House Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna and a daughter from her first marriage princess Helen of Dvina. Grand Duchess Leonida will be buried in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in the burial vault of the Russian Imperial Family in the cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul.
(Chancellery of the Commander of the RIU-O)

24 May 2010
Their Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine attended today the promotion of the monograph about Paja Jovanovic written by Nikola Kusovac at the Palace of Princess Ljubica. Speeches were given by HE Mr. Nebojsa Bradic, Minister of Culture, Mrs. Ivana Avzner, City Secretary for Culture, Mr. Nikola Kusovac, author of the monograph, Mrs. Tatjana Bosnjak and Mr. Bojan Kovacevic.
Paja Jovanović, has remained, the most significant representative of the artistic scene of Serbian realism. His works of art can be found in many European museums. He was proclaimed a member of the Serbian Royal Academy and painted portraits of the members of Serbian Royal family including Their Majesties King Alexander and Queen Maria.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

30 April 2010
RH Crown Prince Alexander II hosted dinner at the White Palace for His Holiness Patriarch of Serbia Irinej and The Bishops of Serbian Orthodox Church, on the occasion of the annual session of the Holy Assembly.
Dinner was also attended by members of the Advisory Bodies of The Crown.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

19 March 2010
The Imperial House is claiming to continue the investigation
The Basmanny District Court of Moscow on 19 March 2010 partially granted the Head of the Russian Imperial House Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Her will, as the investigator is now obliged to issue Her a copy of the decision to dismiss the criminal case into the death of Her relatives the Most August Members of the Family in 1918, but it refused to accept the decision of terminating the case was illegal, said Sir Herman Lukyanov, a lawyer representing the Head of the House.
Sir Lukyanov said that the Grand Duchess disagrees with this decision, because the court came to the position of the General Prosecutor Office and the Investigation Committee under the Prosecutors Office of Russia and not taken into consideration Decree of the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court about the rehabilitation of the Imperial Family.
The Head of the Imperial House is planning to appeal this decision in the Moscow City Court.
29 January 2010
Official statement of the International Monarchist Conference (IMC)
Iranian sources confirmed by the AFP released the information that the monarchist journalist Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani and the 20 years old Arash Rahmanpour, both members of the Association of the Monarchy in Iran, were hanged on January 28, 2010 in Teheran by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The two men had been sentenced to death for their participation in the protest movement which defied the Islamic Republic after June presidential election. Their call had been rejected on November 4. Beyond the political commitment of these men, the whole international community should mobilize itself to save the life of political prisoners facing death penalty because of their opposition to an illegitimate and theocratic islamist dictatorship. The International Monarchist Conference violently protests against these executions carried out by the arbitrary which governs the destiny of Iran. The International Monarchist Conference denounces the silence of many media and of Western governments. We remain without information about the three others prisoners sentenced to death and still waiting for their execution and nine others still waiting for their call. The International Monarchist Conference calls for a new mobilization of energies in order to save the remaining prisoners and honours the two monarchists, martyrs of their cause and their engagement.
General secretary of the IMC
28 December 2009
Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine have been invited by United States Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA), and the Congressional Committee to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington 4 February 2010.
Their Royal Highnesses will go to Washington in February. Annually, Members of Congress and the President of the United States join other government officials, the diplomatic committee, leaders from throughout the United States and friends from more then 160 countries to share in the spirit of friendship through prayer and thanksgiving.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

24 October 2009
A fourth Iranian Monarchist militant sentenced to death
Davood Fardbacheh Mir-Ardabili, born in 1973, is charged with being a member of the Iran Monarchy Association. He was arrested on May 4th that is to say before the demonstrations following the elections in June, which didn't prevent a judgment by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran in charge of the repression of the events.
Davood Fardbachech Mir-Ardabil has not been allowed to be defended by a lawyer nor insure his defense by himself.The International Monarchist Conference (IMC) is protesting once more against these arbitrary lawsuits. The Iranian Regime has just marked a new stage in abject behavior. It is no longer only a matter of iniquitous cases but actual judiciary assassination. The name of Davood Fardbacheh Mir-Ardabili has just been added to the name of three other monarchist activists sentenced to death by hanging, journalist Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani (37 years old), Hamed Rouhinejad (24 years old) and the young Arash Rahmanpour (only 20 years old).
Together, let's demand the release of Iranian political prisoners!
Sign the petition :
Join the demonstration of November 3d 2009 at 07.00 pm, place d'Iéna in Paris, near the Iranian Embassy (Metro Iéna).
Sylvain ROUSSILLON General Secretary of the International Monarchist Conference Spokesperson of the Free Zamani Action Group
Press relations: Judith Taubel email:
FaceBook Group:
Official statement of the International Monarchist Conference (IMC) / Committee for the release of Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani
For about 24 hours, the government of the Iran Islamic Republic has been counter-attacking through charges of terrorism against the sentenced to death of the last days.
To carry out their action, there is e certain number of blogs and internet sites that are used as a blinding screen to their propaganda. Some independent media, some of whom monarchist oriented, believe in good faith in these charges or are starting to doubt.
It is common and usual, in totalitarian regimes, to call opponents terrorists, to accuse them of belonging to or supporting organizations called terrorists. It was one of the most common process used, one of the more common charges during for instance Stalinists trials.Today it is still a common charge in North Korea ; it was usual in France between 1940 and 1944.
There is a certain paradox in seeing the Iran Islamic Republic in pretending to comply to an anti-terrorist moral code whereas since 1979, the regime carried out about 450 terrorist operations throughout the world, such as bomb attacks, plane hijackings, assassination of Iranian opponents such as against Shapour Bakhtiar in 1991 in Paris, the last Shah Prime Minister, against Kazem Radjavi, a teacher at the Geneva Switzerland University, Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, representative of the Iran Resistance National Council in Rome.The list is long unfortunately.
The terrorists of the Iranian Regime conducted a series of bomb attacks in Paris in 1986 that killed many French citizens. In a particularly bloody operation of Teheran agents against the Jewish community of Buenos Aires in 1994, the explosion was responsible for the killing of more than 85 civilians and 200 others wounded. When following the arrest warrant of an Argentine magistrate, the Ambassador of Iran in those days in Argentina was arrested in Great Britain in early 2004, the Iranian regime responded by shootings three times against the British Embassy in Teheran.
If we have to talk about the reality of Iran terrorism, here is the reality we have to talk about. The Iranian terrorism is mainly a State terrorism, orchestrated and supervised by the government of the Iran Islamic Republic.
In your turn, dont let yourself be misled and fooled by the State lies of a terrorist state, lies that only aim at justifying the physical elimination of political opponents.
S. Roussillon
General secretary of the IMC.
Press contact: Judith Taubel

Together, against the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran, let us support Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani!
Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani (37 years) is a monarchist militant, member of the Iran Monarchy Association, a movement based in the United States but prohibited as an Islamic Republic. It had appeared last on August 8 before the revolutionary Tribunal of Teheran.
Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani has just been condemned to dead for its role in the protest movement which shook the Islamic Republic, after the presidential election of June. It s' acts of the first capital punishment marked by Iranian justice against one of the participants in the demonstrations which followed the disputed re-election on June 12 of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the presidence of the Republic.
Mohammad Zamani belongs to the 140 people to be returned in front of justice, after the disorders of the beginning of l' summer. Its verdict to him was announced Monday, after its transfer of the Evin prison, in the north of Teheran, the revolutionary Tribunal.
Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani is today in deferment until November 4, 2009.
The International Monarchist Conference (IMC) calls the whole of the monarchist parties, movements, groups and political organizations, the whole of the monarchist newspapers, reviews, Internet sites and blogs, all around the world to mobilize itself everywhere to save Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani. But, beyond the political commitment of Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani, it is the whole of the international community which must mobilize itself today to save the life of a political prisoner condemned to died of the simple fact of its opposition to an illegitimate and theocratic islamist dictatorship.
Together, let us save Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani!
Freedom for Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani!
Freedom for the Iranian people!
Freedom for the Iranian nation!
Thank you to indicate to us if your movement joined this initiative: International Monarchist Conference (IMC) / Committee for the release of Mohammad-Reza Ali-Zamani
Best regards, Sylvain ROUSSILLON
General secretary of the IMC
2 October 2009
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II attended today an official ceremony in the Serbian Parliament on the occasion of Day of Criminal Police Academy and the promotion of new classes of graduates.
This ceremony was attended by H.E. Prof. Dr Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, Speaker of Serbian Parliament, H.E. Mr. Ivica Dacic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, H.E. Mr. Dragan Sutanovac, Minister of Defence, HE Mr. Jovan Krkobabic, Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Dr Zarko Obradovic, Minister of Education, His Grace Bishop of Hvostano Atanasije, Prof. Dr Branko Kovacevic, Rector of Belgrade University, H.E. Mr. Alexander Konuzin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, and many distinguished guests including members of Diplomatic corps.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)
26 March 2009
Traditional Easter humanitarian bazaar of handcrafts of women refugees, which is held under auspices of HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, opened today at Progres Gallery in Knez Mihajlova Street in Belgrade. The Bazaar was officially opened by Mr. Vladimir Cucic, Commissioner for Refugees of Serbia, in the presence of guests from state institutions, diplomatic corps, representatives of cultural and public life of Belgrade. The Bazaar will be open for visitors every day from 10 am to 8 pm, until Saturday 28 March.
HRH Crown Princess Katherine, who couldnt be at the opening due to obligations abroad, in her letter to exhibitors and guests said This is an extraordinary exhibition, where you will enjoy beautiful Serbian traditional handcrafts, made by skilful hands of these brave and very creative women, who preserve their hope through these difficult times, and by hard and honest work support their families. Also, you can buy a souvenir for your loved ones, and make them happy for holiday season, helping these women and their families along the way. There are over 60 exhibitors at the Bazaar this year, from associations of refugees and internally displaced persons, associations of people with mental developmental problems, special schools for children with problems in mental development. All proceeds from the Humanitarian Easter Bazaar will go to women refugees and their families, associations and special schools. HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation cordially invites everyone to visit the Bazaar and support this humanitarian action while buying handcrafts.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

13 March 2009
Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education participates in the sixth International Education Fair 2009 in Hotel Continental in Belgrade.
On behalf of Crown Prince Alexander II, the fair was officially opened by Mr. Dragomir Acovic, member of the Crown Council, beside him speeches were delivered by: Mr. Vasilios Ntertilis, the president of Hellenic Business Association, HE Dr. Zarko Obradovic, Minister of Education, and Prof. Danilo Golijanin, CEO of OIVIVIO Consulting Service. Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education presented its programmes, foremost the scholarship programme, summer education programme, and career centres development programme, presented by the formed Centres for Career Development at Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis and Kragujevac, which will present their activities at the exhibition booth of the Foundation. The workshop programme at the EDUfair about career guidance will be held in cooperation with University Centres for Career Development and under the patronage of the Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education. The Education Fair is an event where high school graduates can obtain in one place all information that will help them choose the right higher education for them, and choose for a future career. The exhibitors at this Fair are state and private faculties and universities from Serbia and from more than fifteen European countries, North America and Australia. There will be more than 100 exhibitors and approximate 15.000 visitors.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

8 March 2009
For International Womens Day 8 March 2009 I extend my congratulations to the women of Serbia. I am very proud of the women of our country because they are strong, focused, proud and responsible. In these difficult times for Serbia and our society, we have to be aware of our responsibilities as women in Serbia. We must continue our struggle to preserve our families, and to realize a better and happier future for our children and our country. Women have always been the cohesion factor in our society, a silent majority that has supported progress and change. From our experience we can tell that women show better comprehension of social problems and injustices, and better understanding of problems of everyday life. Therefore, we must succeed in equal representation of women in all segments of society, and especially in places where most important decisions regarding the future of this country are made. My Foundation initiated programs of cervical cancer prevention and breast cancer prevention focusing on solving two of the major health problems of women in Serbia. I would like to make an appeal to all our women today, a fifteen minute visit to a doctor can save your life. Please remember that! As daughters, wives and mothers we have a responsibility to our families and society to look after ourselves. I will try to do everything I can to help womens health in our country and I will be with you.
(The Office of H.R.H. Crown Prince Alexander II)

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